HDB Apartment
Private Residential Property
Maximum Loan Tenure Up to 25 years’ subject to IWWA#1 age cap and remaining lease on property Up to 35 years’ subject to IWWA#1 age cap and remaining lease on property
Maximum Loan to Value Limit (LTV) Up to 75% subject to regulatory rules
Minimum Loan Amount $100,000.00
For Purchase & Refinancing. Bridging Loan available
Singaporean, Singapore PR and Foreigner residing in Singapore. If the borrower is a foreigner* who has worked in Singapore for less than 2 years, a Singaporean or Singapore PR Guarantor is required
Minimum Age: 21 years’ old
Minimum income of main applicant must be at least $24,000 p.a. and subject to regulatory rules on TDSR#3
Borrower must not be a bankrupt or on a debt repayment programme administered by the Official Assignee
#1 IWAA - Income Weighted Average Age. Applicable to joint borrowing, the IWAA is used to compute their average age for the purpose of granting the loan tenure. For more information on computing your IWAA, please refer to the MAS website.
#2 MSR – Mortgage Servicing Ration. This is applicable only for the purchase of an Executive Condominium (EC) to be purchase directly from the developer or for the purchase or refinancing of a HDB flat. The MSR limit caps the monthly instalment at a percentage of your gross monthly income. The MSR is computed using your monthly mortgage instalments divided by the gross monthly income. The monthly mortgage instalments will include all your instalments payable for this application as well as for any other property loan.
*Terms & Conditions apply/subject to regulatory restrictions