Description Revised Charges
Returned Cheque       $50.00
Unsuccessful Giro Deduction       $50.00
Bank Charges       (as charged + $10.00)*
Statement of Account       Free for current year
Statement of Account
(Immediate Past Year)
      Free for immediate past year for 1st request,
      2nd request thereafter will be $50.00*
      per account
Statement of Account
(Beyond Immediate Past Year)
      $50.00* per account per year
Cash charge for loan payment       Free for first $25,000.00, additional $5.00
      chargeable on every
      subsequent $5,000.00
       or part thereof on
      amount above $25,000.00
Audit Confirmation       1st 10 accounts-$50.00* flat
      11-20 accounts-$100.00* flat
      >20 accounts-$200.00* flat

Description Revised Charges
Statement of Account Free for current & immediate past year
Statement of Account
(past years)
$50.00 flat fee
Confirmation on Estate Account $50.00 per account capped at $200.00
Early Closure Fee $15.00
Loss of Passbook $10.00
Cash Charge for Deposit Free for first $25,000.00, additional $5.00
chargeable on every subsequent $5,000.00 or
part thereof on amount above $25,000.00
Audit Confirmation $50.00 Per account capped at $200.00
Note: This Charges Guide is non-exhaustive and highlights some of the charges applicable to the Savings and Fixed Deposit accounts and is subject to change without prior notice. Information is correct at the time of publishing.