The Singapura Finance Brand

Our brand is built on the characteristics of 'optimism, inspiration and confidence'. As an expression of these aspirations, our products and services cater to the everyday man. We equip our customers with product literature and our relationship managers will assist them in making an informed decision. We understand their needs and package practical deals to suit their lifestyle and fulfill their dreams. We will continue to engage our customers' needs in bringing their every vision into reality.

Our Values

Optimism, Inspiration, Confidence. These are our values and we strive to impart them in our products and services. Our relationship managers are always on hand to help you make the best informed decision. We hope to help you achieve the lifestyle of your dreams with our wide range of products.

Our Logo

Our vibrant colours of purple and orange reflect the infusion of new life and vitality into our business. The Phoenix symbolises the link to our history and our desire to retain many of the qualities that have served us well over the years. It being the emperor of all birds, signifies our ambition to become the leading financial institution of Singapore. A bird ever soaring towards greater heights of success, it is a symbol of Singapura Finance's determination and eagerness to seek and tap into unexplored avenues of growth.

Our Chinese Name

Our Chinese name, 富雅, stands for prosperity and elegance. It links our roots to our future, reflecting our continuing endeavours.