Our brand is built on the characteristics of 'optimism, inspiration and confidence'. As an expression of these aspirations, our products and services cater to the everyday man. We equip our customers with product literature and our relationship managers will assist them in making an informed decision. We understand their needs and package practical deals to suit their lifestyle and fulfill their dreams. We will continue to engage our customers' needs in bringing their every vision into reality.

Optimism, Inspiration, Confidence. These are our values and we strive to impart them in our products and services. Our relationship managers are always on hand to help you make the best informed decision. We hope to help you achieve the lifestyle of your dreams with our wide range of products.

Our Chinese name, Fu Ya, stands for prosperity and elegance. It links our roots to our future, reflecting our continuing endeavours.


our legacy, our history

  1. During the 60s and 70s, MBBS and subsequently, SBS was a major player in property financing partnering developers in end financing major housing developments such as Teacher Estate. SBS also provided agency and advisory services to government, statutory bodies and corporations in the administration of their staff housing loan schemes.

  2. See Hoy Chan (Singapore) Pte Ltd, the founder shareholder, bought over the company from Commonwealth Development Corporation.

  3. In 2002, SBS was renamed Singapura Finance Ltd (SFL). Today, Singapura Finance is one of 3 finance companies in Singapore under the Finance Company Act. With 1 Head Office and 6 Customer Centres conveniently located all over Singapore and offering wide spectrum of financing option as well as deposits for both individual from the young toddlers to the elderly, SFL is well positioned to meet the financial needs of the community. All deposits with SFL are insured by the Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation, for up to S$50,000 in aggregate per depositor per Scheme member by law.

  4. Singapura Finance sponsors Cold Storage Kids Run since 2008 (AsiaOne | May 19, 2013)

  5. Singapura Finance sponsors local swimming championships (AsiaOne | Mar 16, 2015)
    "We are proud to be able to sponsor such a prestigious event. This is a recognised blue-ribbon event for swimmers," said Mr Jamie Teo, (CEO, Singapura Finance) who himself used to represent his school in swimming and trained with the likes of former national champions Ang Peng Siong and David Lim.


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